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tricycles and fox pee

It's been warm! We've had a good handful of days now when it's warm enough for bare baby skin and trike riding (that's a butterfly mask that Indy got at her cousin's superhero birthday party, by the way), and I've been able to get out in the yard to clean things up and prepare the raised beds. I have one bed all clear of weeds and loosened up and planted with sugar snap peas (by the trellis), spinach and carrots. You can very faintly see the garlic shoots in the far end of the bed. Already I can tell the squirrels are going to give me a run for my money. Daily I am throwing on my shoes and running out into the yard yelling like a madwoman because they will not stop digging up the sprouting peas! Come on! I ordered fox pee. I'm serious. I did. 

Porch days have begun again. The prospect of sitting on the porch, wrapped in a blanket, steaming cup of coffee in hand with that cool camping morning air pushing through the screens draws me out of bed and down the stairs in the morning. It's irresistible. It's much harder to get up on the cold and grey mornings. Today it is snowing, so I slept in until Tenny woke up and I'm writing this post in the office instead of digging in the dirt. I also received a rejection letter for a poetry submission and realized I somehow mixed up the dates (and subsequently missed) an event for a friend that was this past weekend, so it's kind of one of those occasional groaning, forehead rubbing days. I'll recover, just give me a moment. And a margarita. And another 70 degree day, maybe. There, see? I ate an ice cream bar and I'm already feeling better. Now I just need that fox pee to come in the mail and I'll be golden.

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summer sewing

This post could be titled "Summer Sewing in the Depth of Winter," because I really sewed these things back in January and then put them in my closet right away (since they're not really winter wear) and honestly sort of forgot about them. Alan had been bugging me to use the new machine he bought me, since I hadn't really done much on it yet except a few minor repairs, and I'm sure I made him regret it. I don't sew often because every time I do it's a huge ordeal: bits of thread and scrap fabric strewn absolutely everywhere, patterns unfolded on the floor, iron steaming away on the dining room table. And I can't just work on it in little spurts, oh no. Once I get started I have a one track mind and I ain't stopping for hell or high water until it is done. If I'm going to sew regularly, I need to get better at keeping it contained and streamlining it into everyday life. Of course a sewing room all my own with lots of tables wouldn't hurt either ;)

Both of these are from Simplicity pattern #2215, by Cynthia Rowley. I sewed the skirt according to pattern, but I modified the dress by adding the cap sleeves and peter pan collar. The dress fabric is the same I used to trim Indigo's Easter dress last year, and the skirt fabric is vintage, picked up at the Kane County flea market. I lined the skirt with some plain unbleached muslin since it is rather sheer otherwise. Both have vintage wooden buttons that I ordered from Etsy. Now that warm weather just needs to hurry up so that I can actually put these to good use!

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