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my never blocked campside

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This shawl has been finished for several weeks, but I held off on photographing it because I was convinced I was going to block it first. Alas, that didn't, and has yet, to happen. I'm not sure it will. Not until I spill something on it and then of course I will be forced to. It's just so squishy and already very large, and while I'm sure blocking it will make the neck lay nicely and help the pattern to show, it seems like a big commitment. So anyways, here it is.

The pattern is Alicia Plummer's Campside, and the yarn is Knit Picks Swish DK in dove heather. I debated between the Swish (a pure merino) and their Gloss (which has a little silk), and decided on the Swish for budget reasons and for a weathered yarn, but I think in retrospect the subtle shine of the silk would have helped with stitch definition. Ah well, it still turned out very cozy and nice.

As far as the pattern goes, it is simple to knit, but the directions are not very clear. There is also an error or two in the actual chart. Once I read through a bunch of other raveler's notes and understood how the chart repeats and where the errors were, it was an easy knit (I actually printed out ellaria's notes so that I knew how many times to repeat each row and how many stitches I should have in each panel when I was done with a chart). The only change I made was to continue the rib at the corners and middle of the border. Just preference. Somebody should have told me how addictive shawl knitting is, though. It might be too late for me. I already have something on the needles for Indy, and I'm so enjoying the practicality of always having something to throw around my shoulders or wrap a sleepy, chilly child in. Raveled here.

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Yesterday evening we arrived home from a nine day stay at our friends' lake house in Petoskey, MI with my family. It was pretty quiet and relaxing, and I can't wait to share photos (they're still hanging out in the camera). In the meantime, a collection of pre-vacation happenings, because first things first anyways, right?

Indy loves "crafts" of all kinds, my little artist. I've been trying to make it a more regular thing and I'm slowly building up my repertoire of ideas and creativity nurturing supplies (I love the twig colored pencils that we picked up a couple years ago). I shamelessly use Pinterest for inspiration sometimes, but I'd love to hear your favorite crafts for preschool aged children. The other day we made some paper flowers together and she enjoyed the end result but I had to do most of the project.

Speaking of crafts, I'm in crazy nesting mode (which is apparently going to last the entire third trimester) which means either we needed to get the craft closet organized ASAP or "I swear I'm going to throw every last thing out." I'm starting to recognize about myself that possessions can be a burden to me because I keep a kind of mental catalogue of the things we own, and if they're a mess, it makes my brain feel a mess. We bought a ton of storage bins and tossed and organized and now everything is clean and labeled. We also started a little office redo, removing one of our desks to make room to turn part of it into a play area for the kids, with their toys all organized and easily accessible. I'll share photos of that whenever it's done. The basement was next on my list, and thanks to some crazy rain that put several inches of water in most of our basement, we were forced to get a head start on that during the week before we left. Being pregnant, I of course decided this was the right time to go ahead and do an all out cleaning, complete with hanky tied around my face while I shop-vac'ed every last spiderweb and crumbling bit of foundation.

The poppies are blooming (and so is everything else, since we arrived home), and everything is surrounded by a wonderful layer of weeds. My poor neglected gardens. And we witnessed the most amazing cloud formations the other day called mammatus clouds, seriously beautiful.

In the kitchen we enjoyed homemade maple ice cream with some American Spoon Summer Berry Compote, and I tried my hand at pita bread (the dough was a little too dry and thin to all puff quite right, but still good) to accompany homemade falafel.

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