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Ollie’s Quilt

If you follow me on instagram you saw a peak of this quilt right before I gave it to my sister, and a little while before Oliver was actually born. And now that he's here I suppose it's about time I actually share the details for those who are interested! The pattern is the Pinwheel Baby Quilt by Moda, and I used the April Showers Charm Pack. This was my first patchwork quilt, and I found the process to be fairly straightforward. A baby quilt is a great project to start with because it's small, obviously, and that makes it fast and also easy to maneuver around on your machine for the quilting part. I quilted in the "ditch" of the stitches in the pinwheel part, and then used the darning foot on my machine to do sort of loopy free quilting in the outer white border. My favorite part of this pattern is definitely the little 3D prairie points that border the pinwheels. My only real regret is using regular cotton quilt batting instead of just a thin layer of cotton flannel inside, since the quilt turned out a little stiffer than I had hoped, but it should function well as a floor blanket for tummy time and playing for baby Ollie. 

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Birth of Baby Oliver

Sunday, August 31, my sister had her beautiful baby boy Oliver, and I was lucky enough to be able to witness my first live birth (not counting my own, of course). Thanks to being slightly rotated and having a hand by his face, it was a long labor (she noticed her first mild contractions on Saturday morning and had already been in early labor all night when I got the text to come over sometime after 4 am on Sunday morning). You can see the progression of light in the pictures: the sun had not yet risen when I arrived, and it had already been set for several hours by the time has was born around 10:40 pm. We kept the birth tub hot with boiling water, and everyone kept mama hydrated and energized with coconut water and snacks in between contractions. It was truly a testament to home birth; her midwives were patient and allowed her body to do its thing, and Bethany was a champion. She had an amazing doula who was by her side helping her through every contraction, and the support and encouragement of her family. Ollie seemed completely unphased by the labor; his heart rate was great the whole time and he was born alert and hungry! Welcome to the world Oliver!


* I'm officially dipping my toe into the world of birth photography, so if you or someone you know is interested in having the birth of their baby documented, please contact me! :)

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