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Indy's Sweater

Linking up with Ginny today for Yarn Along! I can't tell you how relieved I am to finally have this one done. You will not be seeing me doing any intensive color-work again any time soon. This was on the needles for close to a year, mostly just because I wasn't enjoying the project all that much and was therefore only working on it sporadically. It is the Annas Sweater with some obvious modifications. I did more repeats of the pattern to size it up (something like 30% more), knit until I reached my desired length (or was too sick of knitting the body to stand it anymore), but left the size of the sleeves alone since the author said they were rather large.

The fun part of knitting this was all the new skills I learned. This was my first steeked project, and I also learned the steek sandwich and the i-cord bindoff (with buttonholes!) Okay, that was fun. I made a seed stitch band around the bottom of the sleeves and body, but used the steek sandwich around the neck and front. I made a lot of mistakes while making this project (some of which I fixed, some of which I noticed when it was pretty much completed, oops), but I'm still proud of it.

The yarn is Quince and Co. finch, and I finished the sweater off with some leather buttons ("very country club" Alan said). I'm just glad it still fits her!! (Also, how silly is she.) Raveled here.

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meeting baby caleb

I had the privilege of meeting baby Caleb after his birth last week and taking some photos of his big sister and some of the extended family meeting him for the first time. How precious it was! His sister just couldn't get enough of holding him. It reminded me of when Indy met Tenny for the first time, and what I have to look forward to again in a few short months myself! It's so special to witness and document it for somebody else.

*Birth and newborn photography inquiries can contact me at noel@tibaultandtoad.com

**For everyone else who is coming here to see pie and hand-knits, bear with me while I brainstorm a way to separate these two avenues a little bit!

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